Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) Digital Probes Offer More and Better Data at Attractive Prices

DSC 1000The ILS AFC line of bioreactor controllers directly integrate the Mettler Toledo ISM digital probes. No need to purchase separate transmitters. Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) is the technology end-users expect in the contemporary environment of devices such as smart phones. The ISM probes are all digital with built-in transmitters and processing that provide more and better data. ILS AFC systems integrate, record, and report this data. Users can track the serial # of probes and the health of probes over time.  Think preventive maintenance to reduce probe cost and lost batch cost. Digital probes offer temperature compensation and  built-in transmitters reduce the influence of noise and ground loops. ILS integrates Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) pH, DO, optical DO and dissolved CO2 probes.

ISM provides:

Increased operational uptime

ISM provides real-time information on sensor condition, helping you run production at peak efficiency.
  • Continuous assessment of sensor "health"
  • Higher signal stability due to digital communication between sensor and transmitter
Convenient lifecycle management

With iSense software you can pre-calibrate sensors for error-free exchange at the process.

  • Calibration in a convenient location such as a lab
  • Plug and Measure start up

Low cost of ownership

ISM reduces sensor lifecycle costs and enables higher sensor use.

  • Maintenance only when it is needed thanks to predictive diagnostics
  • Sensor protection mechanisms increase service life

Full traceability made easy
Dedicated iSense software for Pharma regulatory compliance enables electronic records and signatures, making it both FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Eudralex Volume 4 Annex 11 ready.

  • Easy generation of documentation and reports
  • Audit trail, user management, electronic signatures and all security features required to achieve full compliance

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