Manufacturers Represented

Each of the manufacturers we represent has extensive experience solving critical service applications with the products they manufacture. Alliance Technical Sales, Inc. currently services customers in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin. All product lines may not be represented in all states. Alliance Technical Sales proudly represents the following manufacturer’s:

Innovative Heating Solutions: Heaters – Flexible Surface Heat Products, Heat Trace (Self-Regulating, Constant-Wattage & MI), Digital & Mechanical Temperature Controllers, Composite Curing Heating Products.

Electron Machine

Industrial inline process refractometers for pulp & paper, food processing, and chemical industries.

Hawk Measurement
Process control instrumentation: Fiber Optic Sensing, Level Transmitters, Flow Instrumentation, Pressure Instrumentation

HF scientific
Clean Water Quality Instrumentation: Chlorine - Lab, Portable & Online, Reagents, J.A.W. Chlorine Reagents, Turbidity - Lab, Portable & Online, ProCal Turbidity Standards For Hach® Instruments

ILS Automation
Fermenter / Bioreactor Control Systems: AFC 2000, AFC 900, AFC Complete Bioprocess Control System
Software: Batch Expert+
Services: Ignition SCADA; System Integration; Custom OPC Servers; Support
Industries Served: Chemical, Oil & Gas, Biotechnology

Jogler Level
Level Products: High quality magnetic level gauges, magnetostrictive transmitters, direct-reading level gauges with armored shield, sight flow indicators, specific gravity analyzers, point level switches and other accessories.

Mettler-Toledo Ingold
Process Analytics - INGOLDTM: pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Turbidity, Gas O2 TDL, Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Sensors & Transmitters, Process Sensor Housings and Automated Sensor Cleaning & Calibration Systems.

Mettler-Toledo THORNTON
Process Analytics - THORNTONTM: Ultrapure water monitoring instrumentation for the measurement of Conductivity, Resistivity, TOC, Bioburden, Chloride/Sulfate, Dissolved Oxygen and Ozone in determining and controlling water purity.

Clamp On Flow Meters: Their extensive product range includes portable clamp-on flow meters, Doppler flow meters, and strap-on flow meters. Specifically designed for water measurement, they provide both portable and fixed ultrasonic flow meters and specialized clamp-on water meters.

Precision Digital
Digital Meters & Controllers – Flow, Level, Pressure & Temperature: Digital Panel Meters, Explosion Proof Meters, Loop Powered Meters, Large Displays, Field Mounted Indicators, Temperature Controllers, Modbus Scanners, Annunciators & Scanners, Enclosures

Smart Sensors, Inc.
Industrial Sensors and Instruments: Thermocouples, RTD’s, Industrial Assemblies, Heads, Terminal Blocks, Extensions, Thermowells, General Purpose Sensors, Replacement Sensors, Temperature Transmitters, Multiple Sensor Assemblies
Smart Thermocouples and RTDs: Miniature Thermocouples & RTD's
Specialty Sensors

Fully Lined Process Valves: Shut-Off; Flow Control; Throttling;
Observing; Sampling

Humidity & Temperature Indicators, Dew Point, Pressure, Carbon Dioxide, Moisture in Oil, Weather, DGA Monitors, Industrial Continuous Monitoring System

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