Micronics is renowned for manufacturing the industry's most user-friendly clamp-on flow meters. These devices are non-invasive, ensuring there's no downtime during their operation. To assist potential customers in finding the perfect fit for their needs, Micronics offers an innovative "Flow Meter Wizard." Their extensive product range includes portable clamp-on flow meters, Doppler flow meters, and strap-on flow meters. Specifically designed for water measurement, they provide both portable and fixed ultrasonic flow meters and specialized clamp-on water meters. Each product delivers precision and ease in various industrial and commercial applications.

Products include:

  • Portable Clamp On Flow Meter
  • Ultrasonic Clamp On Flow Meter
  • Doppler Clamp On Flow Meter
  • Velocity Clamp On Flow Meter
  • Level Sensing Clamp On Flow Meter


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