Wintershield Freeze Protection Heated Instrument and Valve Enclosure Pockets

Wintershield™ Freeze Protection Heated Pockets

A Pocket of Warmth to Protect Pressure Transmitters, Pumps, Gauges, Manifolds & More

WinterShield™ Freeze Protection Heated Pockets (WSP Series) creates a pocket of warmth to protect pressure transmitters, pumps, gauges, and manifolds against extreme cold.

Download the "Wintershield™ Freeze Protection Heated Pocket" Brochure Here

The WinterShield™ is designed for plug and play and use in all weather. Perfect for sub-freezing environments, the lightweight portable and reusable one-piece rugged design comes in universal sizes for a wide range of objects, plus an extra-long 16 ft (5 m) power cord Lace-up openings on two-sides for easier installations.

Wintershield™ Freeze Protection Heated Pockets

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